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Construction Security Gate Guard

The presence of one or more Construction Security Gate Guard on site 24 hours a day, seven days per week has proven to be an extremely effective method of securing sites and business premises.

Even though CCTV is present in the majority of locations your business's security is still dependent on the physical presence of a guard to act quickly on any information gathered through CCTV cameras.

It is also a well known fact that the presence of a uniformed static security gate guard will probably deter any would be thief or vandal where CCTV cameras may not.

A gate guard's primary responsibility is to control access to the site and restricted areas. Therefore they are your sites first line of defence and they must always be prepared to react appropriately in any situation.

We provide experienced, reliable guards who are well drilled on how to handle emergencies, and any other problems that may arise whilst they are on duty. While gate guards must be ever alert to possible security threats, they must also have a wide range of knowledge at their disposal.

  1. ID card printing
  2. Security site office provide by us
  3. Manned security mobile patrols
  4. Wireless alarm systems
  5. Real Time Monitoring System
  6. Contruction Security gate Guard and dog handler
  7. Gate Guard and dog handler for large/problems areas

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