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Construction Alarm Systems

With some sites it can be difficult to monitor the entire site from a single point. We are able to install a discrete perimeter alarm system that will notify the on site guard if any movement is detected. This enables our guards to monitor large sites with ease an we are confident that no unlawful intrusion will go unnoticed.

The combination of monitored contructition alarm systems with 24hr emergency response are a cost effective choice of construction site securite.

  • To monitor huge open areas such as;
  • To patrol areas with a restricted line-of-site (large construction projects, warehouses, transport yards).
  • For areas too dangerous for security guards alone (gang related problems, underground parking, high crime areas etc).
  • For protection of persons and property under threat

    For higher risk application please consider Security dogs that are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden persons by, scent, sight or sound, to protect their handler to protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression. When confronted with threatening behaviour are able to detain a suspect until the authorities arrive to deal with the situation.

    Breeds Used For Security

    Breeds currently used on location are: German Sheperds and Rottweilers for security dog patrols.

    We have security dog units ready to be dispatched now!!
    Call us on 0800 848 8201 for an instant quote or visit our main guard dog website Security Guard Dogs

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