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With security solutions from just £99 per week, there is no reason to take a big risk.
If you think that security of a building can be expensive, try the cost of a break-in! or telling your contractors, their tools aren't insured or clients they have to fork out more money.

Construction security guard dogs
Large and small companies trust us to secure their properties including:
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Security Guard Dogs

We manage and monitor your security guards. That is i!.

Using guard dogs on your construction site ensures that no one can break in undetected. Construction security for short or long term security. Done Properly


Benefits of Construction Site Guard Dogs

Have a guard with a security guard dogs has many benefits, for example. it can be more cost effective than having more than one guard, while actually improving the security.

A security guard by themselves, may not be able to detect the presence of a trespasser on a very large site, simply because the K9 hearing is much more sensitive than humans, they are able to distinguish sounds over a mile away.

These are just two of the benefits of using guards dogs on building site, they are many more.

By actively managing your construction site, we can guarantee its security.


Construction Security Guards Dogs

In some scenarios the additon of a security guard dog, can help reduce the cost, especially if the site has large grounds, in a remote area, or has one or more buildings.
construction security dog being trained with dog handler

Our Construction Security Dog Service

Our dogs don't react to fight or flight, they are properly trained.

Using a dog specially trained for construction security is essential, all our dogs are scenario trained, so an intruder on site is not a shock to our dogs, just another training exercise!

Do not send any guard with an untrained dog and hope for the best.
Our years of experience can you help you avoid rookie mistakes, that can cost you dearly, a building site survey does not take long and a guard in a portacabin will not know what is going on at the other site.

Get a construction security guard dog sorted out with a company with experience that knows how best to help you call us on 0800 242 5113

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We have no minimum hours or duration. So even if you need construction security with dog for a short period of time call us to arrange security today or complete the form below for a cost indication.

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What are my options?

When you know doing nothing is not an option, there are a two ways you can protect a vulnerable construction site, manned or unmanned security.
Site Security Guard
Security Guard

The UK's most popular choice, a manned guard on your site, doing regular patrols checking the site, always.

Construction Guard Dog Icon
Security Guard with a Dog

Can be more effective than upto three guards, and very effective, at both deterring and detecting intruders.

building security CCTV

Can be stand-alone or used with a guard and can detect the presence of intruder, and evidence of break-ins.

Security Alarm System
Construction Alarm

Avoids the scenario where intruders can take all night to choose what they want to steal from your site.


Do Not Advertise An Empty Site

Some companies unknowingly advertise the fact that their construction site is empty and unsecure.
It is a known fact the building contractors start at 7am and finish around 5pm. That chain and lock around the fence with the padlock on the outside is a dead giveaway, along with no lights or activity on site. Three guys in high visibility vest, inside your site at 7pm will raise no suspicion at all. No need to take risks, we can help.

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Construction Security Services

Getting security on your construction site couldn't be easier, in most cases one phone call is all that is needed to get your site secure.

A security brief is the first point of call, we establish what your concerns are and advise you. If you are using CCTV or Guard Dogs on site, appropriate signage is a legal requirment


Whether you need earlier indication of criminal activity unmanned security, or more preventive options which are manned security.


Are contractors allowed on site at 2am, are they allowed to remove things from site. We agree then setup your security guards and begin monitoring the service


Find Out How We Can Help You

We can put construction security guards in place at short notice, some companies call us after they have just had a break-in and need security the sameday. To best way to get security in place is to give us a call or send us an email.
Ready to get security?

If you have a concern about the security of a site, then you know what is at stake. Most companies call or email us to get a quote or advice before getting security on site.

If you have just had a break-in, we are usually able to secure a site the same day, the more notice we have the better.

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